Thursday, March 1, 2012

2/29/12 Show Notes

LandStalker [0:00 - 5:07]  First Play Through.  My first impressions of this game are very positive.  For any genesis game the breaking factor is the music but every single tune has been an excellent example of what the system can do.  At this point my biggest gripe is the sluggish controls, it moves on a grid from an isometric perspective, it makes judging the distance and height of jumps very difficult, espcially since there are no shadows.   To move up and down you have to press a combination of one plus right or left, so you always have to press the D-pad in the diagonal.  I also doesn't help that its some times sluggish like StarTopics.  On the positive the graphics are colorful and detailed with remarkably well written dialog.  I look forward to continuing my play through tomorrow.

Check it Out:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/27/12 Show Notes

StarTropics [0:00 - 2:09] In the second half of my play through of this game we exchange caves for an alien spacecraft.  With that it seemed the game shifted from being a reaction based puzzle game to dodge all the attacks from the over powered enemies.    The final boss gauntlet was a doozy, giving you an onslaught of three bosses and when you die you get to do them all over again.  A good challenge and a fantastic ending for a NES game.  Completed.

Gargoyles Quest II [2:10-5:52] A NES title made by Capcom from '92 that is truly a forgotten gem.  The controls are so tight, the music catchy and fitting, the graphics are some of the best on the system.  Combining a Dragon Quest style over world and a side-scroller platformer battle system is really an interesting idea.  The only bad thing I can say about this game is that its too short and it has one of the trollyest (sp?) jumps I seen in a game, very minor complaints in what is an awesome game no retro player should skip.  Completed.

Watch them here:

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2/23/12 Show Notes

StarTropics - I thought I was in for an enjoyable, some what difficult NES adventure what I got was a  tough as nails journey requiring room memorization and the ability to adapt to the clunky grid based controls.   That's not to say I didn't have fun but there were points when I wanted to smash my controller to the ground and scream into the heavens.

Watch the first part:

To be Continued...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obscure NES games

I made a list a few days back of relatively unknown NES games I found while slothing around youtube.  I'll probably have a cast where I try a handful of these out and if I enjoy one or most go for a full play through.

Solar Jetman
Power Blade
Magic of Scheherazade
Conquest of the Crystal Palace
Metal Storm
The Immortal
Clash at Demonhead
Code Name: Viper
Golgo 13 games
Sky Shark
Twin Cobra
Mendel Palace
Galaxy 5000
Low G Man
Monster Party
Dr Chaos
Shadow of the Ninja
Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom
Whomp 'Em
Panic Resturant
Rescue: Embassy Mission
Kaduki Quantum Fighter
Kick Master
Lagange Point
Legend of Ghost Lion
Sweet Home
Esper Dream 2
Mr. Gimmick
Little Samson
WURM - Journey of the Center
Air Fortress
Secret Ties

If anyone has any other games to suggest please leave a comment

2/22/12 Show Notes

Uncovered a real gem of a NES game a few days ago by Sunsoft.  I couldn't wait to play through it and took tonight as an opportunity to play Ufouria: The Saga [0:00 - 4:16].  It had all the hallmarks of a great Sunsoft title; great memorable music, colorful detailed graphics, interesting game play and of course a fatal flaw which destroys the flow of the game (in this case it was the implementation of each character special abilities).


Watch the full play-through here:

2/21/12 Show Notes

Was planning on playing Castlevania: Rondo of Blood but I could get the controller to work.
Decided to play a handful of indie freeware games.

Ninja Senki ( [0:00] Very fun, tight controls and a good challenge with some rockin tunes.  Had some difficulty with the final boss but soon triumphed.
Maze of Galious Remake ( [2:07] Interesting game.  Reminded me of La Mulana.  Didn't get very far and gave it up...  For another day.
Momodora ( [2:27] Fun little adventure very much in the spirit of Cave Story.  Completed.
Warlock Bentspine ( [3:47] Fun Mega Man style game.  Some difficult bosses and great music but uninspired level design.  Completed.